Competition: your colour is waiting...

20th August 2015

Recently we received a visit from the lovely sisters, Poppy and Molly. They were thrilled with Minty's ubiquitous 'jar of cloos' and quite rightly associated them with a jar of sweeties.


The question was posed, 'how many cloos of yarn do you think are in there?'  And so started the competition...

Together with their mam, we picked a prize for the winner.   A rigg cape - they decided...

A further decision was reached - and that although their favourite colour is shown here - the winner can pick their own colour!

The cloos have now been counted, and entries can be made by submitting your details using the form on this page, or in person in the studio. The competition is open until 4th October (the end of Shetland Wool Week), and the winner will be notified by 11th October.

Thank you very much to Poppy and Molly's mam for allowing us to play and giving us permission to post these fabulous photos of her two sweeties.

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the prize

choose a rigg cape
(RRP £90)

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how many cloos of yarn in the jar?

The competition is now closed


The winner will be announced by 11.10.15

How it works

• Guess number of 'cloos' in the jar (illustrated on this page), and fill in the form with your details.

• Comp closes 4/10/15. Winner notified by 11/10/15.

• Winner chooses from colours available in rigg capes in person or online.
• One entry per person.

• By entering this competition you agree to join our mailing list and, if you win, to be announced as winner.


Cloo clue

A 'cloo' is a ball or skein of yarn

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Poppy and Molly choose their favourite cape

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The rigg cape is nielanell’s bestseller

In a myriad of colourways and a shape that suits everyone - poncho or cape-style. Find out more >>

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