Up Helly Aa - Sale!

31st January 2017

Wrap up and celebrate up helly aa


Shetland is filling up with visitors to our fiery winter festivals - the biggest of which takes place in Lerwick tonight. A torchlit viking procession of around a thousand guizers winds through the town, finishing with a spectacular blaze - the burning of a longship.


To celebrate, we're offering 10% off Nielanell knits: Browse the collections here >>
The discount lasts until Sunday 5th February.


And, if you're in Shetland, do pop by the studio shop: scroll down for our opening hours.



PLEASE NOTE: The discount does not apply to pieces by Paparwark, Burra Bears, other guest makers, or the Ebb-stanes collection. The sale applies to items in stock only.

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With thanks to Lynn Goodlad for her wonderful photo




Tues 31st January  closed
Wed 1st  February 11-4pm
Thurs  2nd 11-4pm
Fri 3r 11-4pm
Sat 4th 11-4pm
Sun 5th 11-4pm

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Toog wrap
now £126 (rrp £140)

browse 4 colours >>

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Marlet jacket
now £175.50 (rrp £195)

browse 8 colours >>