ebb-stanes cape


The pattern of this useful but elegant cape is inspired by pebbles revealed by a receding tide (ebb-stanes is a Shetland term). The fabric is luxurious merino, in reverse jacquard, which drapes beautifully. Wear it poncho-style, or straight—or how you like.


Each cape has an individually chosen contrast colour.


Tip: capes are a really good throw-on layer for sophisticated cyclists.


100% merino wool

Handwash recommended
We recommend that you hand wash using liquid or flakes. You may wish to wash in the machine on a very gentle handwash wool cycle at 30 degrees or less, using very little detergent specifically designed for delicate/wool items – but you need to ensure your washing machine uses a very gentle handwash wool cycle.


Do not wring.


Do not tumble dry.


Dry flat on a rack or in the fresh air, and steam/press lightly.
Alternatively you may dry clean the garment.

To ensure individuality we make a small number of designs in a particular colourway and some pieces are one-offs. If we have sold your chosen colour when you order, we will contact you – we may be able to make another or have an alternative in stock. Sizes of individual pieces and colourways can vary. If you’re unsure if this style will fit, or looking for a colour, please get in touch.